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About Us

Covered Side Entrance to MD0

Rockvale Cumberland Presbyterian Church is proud to present Lil' Rockets MDO as a service and ministry to the Rockvale and Eagleville communities. We are excited to provide quality childcare to families who live in our communities thus eliminating long distance travel for children.


Lil' Rockets MDO is ...


Experienced!  Our director, April Bryan and assistant director, Meredith Dozier bring decades of combined MDO experience to Lil' Rockets.  

Committed!  Lil' Rockets is the fulfillment of a dream for April to direct an MDO in her home church, and a huge step of faith for both April and Meredith.  Both ladies left their positions at another MDO to bring Lil' Rockets to life. They possess the vision and commitment to see this ministry become a true success. Your children could not be in better hands with Lil' Rockets MDO.

Affordable! We are aware of the rising cost of childcare, and we are making our best attempt to be sensitive to the needs of families while trying to ensure Lil' Rockets MDO will be a self supporting ministry.  We are committed to helping families have a wonderful MDO experience!

Upcoming Events:
Registration In Progress

Registration is happening now!  We have provided a registration form in PDF format for your convenience an ease of printing.  The PDF form can be accessed from  the Contact page.   We look forward to meeting you and your little ones. 

 Thank you!

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